September: photographs of the month

Charlotte Armitage , 10/10/2017

The launch of the new website has seen the introduction of a photo uploading tool. It has been great to physically see what people have been recording while they have been out and about for Nature’s Calendar.

Rowan with autumn tinting and berries

A great example of first autumn tint on this rowan (Andrew Godfrey)

Not only have your photos been a pleasure to see in our office but they also allow scientists to more accurately verify your data.

A lovely fly agaric the only fungus we record (Jonathan Mitchell)

A fully ripe acorn from an pedunculate oak (Marcia Blackman)

A big thankyou for all your records over September regardless of whether or not you uploaded photos. Every record helps scientists discover more about the natural world’s response to climate change.

The familiar conker (Sian Lewis)

First autumn tinting of a beech tree (Graham Pickavance)

Congratulations if your picture was chosen! Keep those uploads coming and check back next month to see if your pictures have been selected during October.

Conker breaking out of outer shell on a tree

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