What to record in November - oak

Charlotte Armitage , 30/10/2017

Bare oak tree

Bare oak tree in a field (WTML/ Ben Lee)

We have already had a number of reports of oak trees starting to lose their leaves, have you seen any with no leaves?

When should I start looking for bare oak trees?

Using previous years’ records we predict that oak trees will first become bare from the beginning of November until the end of December. Help support our dataset for bare tree dates in the UK by sending in your records for 2017.


Oak marble gall

An oak marble gall caused by a gall wasp, these grow on oak twigs and are a home for larvae (northeastwildlife.co.uk)

Jay sat in a tree

Jays are famous for their acorn feeding habits (northeastwildlife.co.uk)

Recording oak trees for Nature’s Calendar

  1. We record two species of oak, pedunculate and sessile, be sure to record the correct one, if you need some help check our species pages.
  2. The exact date the tree lost its leaves is the vital information we need.
  3. Keep watching as trees lose their leaves and let us know the date when it first becomes completely bare.
  4. Current 2017 records indicate that oaks are undergoing early tinting this year so keep watching - they are likely to lose their leaves early too.
November oak desktop calendar

Ecological importance of oak trees
Pedunculate oak supports the highest biodiversity of insect herbivores of any UK plant with over 400 species using this tree. Acorns from both species of oak that we study form a valuable food source for mammals and birds.

Oak desktop wallpaper
Download our oak wallpaper to remind you what to look out for this month.

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

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