December: photographs of the month

Charlotte Armitage , 08/01/2018

During December we received 234 records from 126 recorders - that’s more people recording this month than in November so a big thankyou to you all! We have started receiving numerous reports on the first signs of spring, please keep them coming. There has been another great selection of photos to choose from this month. Here are our favourites.

Oak pedunculate

A bare pedunculate oak on a frosty day (Graham Pickavance)

December highlights:

  • We received the earliest frog spawn record since 2014. The date was 3 December from Cornwall where we would expect this event to occur earlier than northern parts of the UK.
  • We had 43 records of bare pedunculate oak.
  • You also sent us some extremely early signs of spring with 19 records for first flowering of snowdrops and lesser celandine. Have you seen any flowering near you?
Frog spawn

Very early frogs spawn! (Debbie Seakay)


A beautiful image of flowering snowdrops (Peter Jackson)

A huge thank you for all your records over December regardless of whether or not you uploaded photos. Every record helps scientists discover more about how UK wildlife is responding to a changing climate.

Flowering hazel catkins

Flowering hazel catkins (Gordon Hindess)


A fieldfare having a rest! (Stuart Summers)

Lesser celandine flowering

A very early lesser celandine (Andrea Northcott)

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

Have you seen your first butterfly or swallow of the spring? Is it a good year for wild autumn fruits? Take part in Nature's Calendar and help scientists to monitor the effects of climate change on wildlife.

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