February: photographs of the month

Charlotte Armitage , 08/03/2018

During February we received 110 photographs. We really enjoy looking through your lovely images so please keep sending them in with your observations. Thanks, too, to everyone that has recorded this month - we’ve had 650 records from 430 of you.


A lovely image of a redwing (Steve Brewer)


The earliest colt's-foot this year (Dave Helliar)


A close up of a 7-spot ladybird (Elizabeth Cooksey)

February highlights:

  • Our most recorded event was frogspawn first seen with 108 records.
  • We had our first record of colt’s-foot first flowering on the 3 February in Dorset, which is earlier than expected.
  • The early insect records have continued with 59 in total and include ladybirds, red admiral, and brimstone butterflies.

Proof that frogs will find almost anywhere to spawn (Suzanne Street)


A blackcap on a feeder (Sue Olssen)

Red admiral

Red admiral butterfly (Pat Adams)

So far we haven’t had any records of lilac, wood anemone or willow warbler so we expect to receive records about these soon. Keep an eye out. 

Hawthorn first flowering (Emma Mugford)

A close up of a blackcap (Mary Kerby)

red admiral

A red admiral that has probably over wintered here as it looks a bit weathered (Kay Shaw)

A huge thank you for all your records over February regardless of whether or not you uploaded photos. Every record helps scientists discover more about how UK wildlife is responding to a changing climate.

At the end of spring a report will be published on the website documenting what your records show when compared to weather trends.


Frogspawn (Mark Coster)

Colt's-foot first flowering (Lesley Cannon)

Rowan bud burst

Rowan first budburst (Michael Halliday)

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

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