When do snowdrops flower?

Charlotte Armitage , 02/01/2018

Snowdrops in the sun

Snowdrops (Phil Formby/WTML)

We are having an increasing number of records of snowdrops flowering in December and the occasional record from November. Have you seen any in bloom yet? Help us build a picture of what’s happening with wildlife near you.

Snowdrop close up

Be sure to look for non-cultivated varieties of snowdrop (istock/georgeclerk)

Group of snowdrops

Can you spot any snowdrops like this near you (northeastwildlife.co.uk)

Recording and identifying snowdrops for Nature’s Calendar 

  1. We want to know when the flowers have opened sufficiently to see inside the flower. See our events page to make sure you aren’t recording too early or too late.
  2. Be careful not to confuse this species with cultivated varieties, check our species page to find out the differences.
  3. It is important that we have records for wild varieties as cultivated snowdrops have different flowering times. If we receive records for these our results will be affected.
  4. The exact date the flower is open the correct amount is the vital information we need so keep watching and let us know when this happens.
Desktop calendar with snowdrop

Where to see snowdrops

You know spring is on the way when you see your first snowdrop, why don’t you go out and find some?

  • Scotland – Lang Craig (Dumbarton) 600 acre native woodland with over 6km of grass and surfaced paths there’s plenty of space for you to hunt snowdrops.
  • Wales – Marl Hall Woods (Llandudno) is home to a variety of trees including oak and pine and of course lots of snowdrops!
  • North East England – Nunsbrough wood (Ordley) dominated by mature oak and ash there is a large riverside meadow which is home to wildflowers including snowdrops.
  • South East England – Ashenbank wood (Cobham) is a site of scientific interest and is known for its beautiful shows of snowdrops.
  • Central England – The Nuttery (Newnham) is a hazel Orchard with lots of snowdrops fitted around the trees.
  • South West England – Avon Valley Woods (Woodleigh) the Trusts first ever purchase with lots of snowdrops to be seen!


Snowdrop desktop wallpaper

Download our snowdrop wallpaper to remind you what to look out for this month.

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

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