1. What we record and why image: Ben Lees/WTML

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1. Banner image: John Bridges/WTML

What we record and why

1. Banner image: Ben Lees/WTML

2. How to record: a quick guide image: Richard Gibbs/WTML

3. Species we record image: Clare Topping/WTML

4. Why we record certain species image: Louise Holmes/WTML

5. Why we record image: A room with views/Alamy

Species we record: species type

1. Amphibians image: John Cutler/WTML

2. Fungi image: J Duncan/WTML

3. Shrubs image: Kate Lewthwaite/WTML

4. Birds image: Louis Cardin/WTML

5. Grasses image:

6. Trees image: Ben Lee/WTML

7. Flowers image: R Francis/WTML

8. Insects image: WTML

Species we record: trees

1. Alder image: Christine Tansey/WTML

2. Ash image: Ben Lee/WTML

3. Beech image: Ben Lee/WTML

4. European larch image: ATStockFoto/Alamy

5. Field maple image: Ben Lee/WMTL

6. Horse chestnut image: Christine Martin/WTML

7. Oak, pedunculate image: Ben Lee/WTML

8. Oak, sessile image: Arterra Picture Library/Alamy

9. Rowan image: Judith Garforth/WTML

10. Silver birch image: Ben Lee/WTML

11. Sycamore image: Ben Lee/WTML

Species we record: shrubs

1. Blackthorn image: Kylie Harrison Mellor/WTML

2. Bramble image: Ben Lee/WTML

3. Dog rose image: Pete Holmes/WTML

4. Elder image: Ben Lee/WTML

5. Hawthorn image: Margaret Barton/WTML

6. Hazel image: Pete Holmes/WTML

7. Holly image: WTML

8. Lilac image: Kate Lewthwaite/WTML

Species we record: flowers

1. Bluebell image: M Blackburn/WTML

2. Colt's-foot image: Steven Kind/WTML

3. Cuckoo flower image: P Holmes/WTML

4. Garlic mustard image: Pete Holmes/WTML

5. Ivy image: Ben Lee/WTML

6. Lesser celandine image:

7. Oxeye daisy image: F Hutchinson/WTML

8. Snowdrop image: K Leslie/WTML

9. Wood anemone image: R Francis/WTML

Species we record: grasses

1. Lawn image Yon Marsh/Alamy

2. Cocksfoot image Ian Drake/Alamy

3. Meadow foxtail image Hugh McKean/Alamy

4. Timothy image Petals and posies/Alamy

5. Yorkshire fog image

Species we record: fungi

1. Fly agaric image: J Duncan/WTML

Species we record: amphibians

1. Common frog image: John G Cutler/WTML

2. Newts image: Bernard Dupont/Wikimediacommons

Species we record: insects

1. Brimstone image: WTML

2. Comma image: Steven Kind/WTML

3. Green-veined white image: WTML

4. Holly Blue image: Christine Martin/WTML

5. Orange tip image: Katherine Jaiteh/WTML

6. Peacock image: Jane Corey/WTML

7. Red admiral image:

8. Small tortoiseshell image: Christine Martin/WTML

9. Small white image:

10. Speckled wood image: Pete Holmes/WTML

11. Ladybird (7 spot) image: Clare Topping/WTML

12. Red-tailed bumblebee image: WTML

13. Wasp (queen) image: Pete Holmes/WTML

Species we record: birds

1. Blackbird image: Amy Lewis/WTML

2. Blackcap image: Dave Foker/WTML

3. Blue tit image: Louis-Cardin/WTML

4. Chiffchaff image: Amy Lewis/WTML

5. Cuckoo image: Amy Lewis/WTML

6. Fieldfare image: Laurie Campbell/WTML

7. Great tit image: Laurie Campbell/WTML

8. House martin image: Alamy/Blickwinkel

9. Nightingale image: Amy Lewis/WTML

10. Redwing image:

11. Rook image:

12. Sand martin image:

13. Song thrush image: Amy Lewis/WTML

14. Spotted flycatcher image: Dave Foker/WTML

15. Swallow image: Amy Lewis/WTML

16. Swift image:

17. Turtle dove image: Amy Lewis/WTML

18. Wheatear image: Calam Dickson/Alamy

19. Whitethroat image: Amy Lewis/WTML

20. Willow warbler image:

Why we record

1. What is phenology image: Margaret Barton/WTML

2. Changing phenology image: WTML

3. A brief history of phenology: image Kate Lewthwaite/WTML

4. Important phenologists image: Paul Hetherington/WTML


1. Seasonal reports image: Ken Leslie/WTML

2. Research reports image: Philip Formby/WTML

Seasonal Reports

1. Latest results image: John Bridges/WTML 

Research Reports

1. Current research image: Jane Corey/WTML

2. Published research Tansey et al. 2017 image: Austin Brady/WTML

3. Published research Sparks et al. 2017 image:

4. Published research Thackeray et al. 2016 image: Philip Jones/Alamy

5. Published research Ffrench-Constant et al. 2016 image: Philip Formby/WTML


1. What to record in July - bramble first ripe fruit image: Ben Lee/WTML

2. Welcome to the new website: Ben Lee/WTML

3. What to record in August - fly agaric toadstools image: Richard Becker/WTML

4. UK Biodiversity Indicators 2017 published: WTML

5. What to record in September - rowan autumn tinting: Ben Lee/WTML

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