Song thrush

Turdus philomelos

Slightly smaller than a blackbird with a dark spotted underside and pale brown wings and back. Their song is varied so listen for repeated phrases, can sing all year.

Habitat: found in woodland, fields, heaths, parks and gardens.

Distribution: a resident throughout the UK, seen all year.


Song thrush repeats phrases two, three or four times:

Stuart Fisher Xeno-canto

Not to be confused with

Not to be confused with - Mistle thrush

Mistle thrush

Mistle thrush has similar colouring but is more slender in shape, more grey upper parts and white corners to its tail. Some spots on the sides of the breast merge to form dark patches. (Amy Lewis/WTML)

Not to be confused with - Fieldfare


Fieldfare has a blue grey head. (Laurie Campbell/WTML)