First leaf

Record first leaf when the leaf is fully open and recognisably the shape, if not the full size of the adult leaf.  The leaf must be erect but the leaflets don’t yet need to be. The flowers come out of the same buds as the leaves.

If you have recorded rowan events before, continue to record on the same tree.

Expected Date Range: late March to early May 

Available historic data: we have individual records from 1755-1810, and from 1846-1947. We have some records from 1990-1999. 

Just right

  • Rowan first leaf
    (Judith Garforth/WTML)

Too early

  • Rowan first leaf too early
    (Judith Garforth/WTML)

Too late

  • Rowan first leaf too late
    (Judith Garforth/WTML)