What is phenology?

Phenology is the study of seasonal changes in plants and animals from year to year, such as flowering of plants, emergence of insects and migration of birds, especially their timing and relationship with weather and climate.

Nature’s Calendar volunteers record the dates of certain events which happen to certain species during the changing seasons.


Horse chestnut fruit (Margaret Barton/WTML)

Small tortoiseshell (WTML)

Lesser celandine (Pete Holmes/WTML)

Blue tit (Amy Lewis/WTML)

Examples of events that you can record throughout the year as part of the Nature’s Calendar project include:

Trees and shrubs

Budburst, first leaf, first flower, fruit ripe, first tint, full tint, leaf fall, bare tree


First flower

Migratory birds

First and last recorded

Resident birds

First heard singing, first nestbuilding, first feeding young, young first seen


First recorded


Take a look at the full list of species and events that you can record.


Peacock butterfly

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

Have you seen your first butterfly or swallow of the spring? Is it a good year for wild autumn fruits? Take part in Nature's Calendar and help scientists to monitor the effects of climate change on wildlife.

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