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  • Where to find frogspawn?

    By Charlotte Armitage, 29/01/2018
    Common frog with frogspawn in a pond

    Frog spawn should start appearing in ponds from the beginning of February but we have already had a number of reports. If you’ve noticed any in your ponds, please let us know. Also download our frogs spawn February desktop calendar.

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  • Recognising, learning, connecting: how I became a recorder for the Trust

    By Greg Tingey , 15/01/2018
    common frog

    Volunteer Greg has been an active contributor with Nature’s Calendar since 2005. Find out more about his insights and thoughts on recording wildlife in London.

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  • December: photographs of the month

    By Charlotte Armitage , 08/01/2018

    Have you been recording some of the last signs of winter or evidence that spring is arriving? See if your photos have been selected this month.

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  • When do snowdrops flower?

    By Charlotte Armitage , 02/01/2018
    Snowdrops in sunshine

    Snowdrops start flowering in January – so it’s time to start looking.  We’ve already had some reports of this plant already flowering, so let us know if you’ve seen any. Also download our snowdrop January desktop calendar.

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  • Merry Christmas from Nature's Calendar

    By Charlotte Armitage , 20/12/2017
    snowy woodland

    This year’s highlights and season greetings from everyone at Nature’s Calendar.

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