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  • Track and record autumn with Nature's Calendar

    By Lorienne Whittle, 07/10/2019
    track and record autumn with Nature's Calendar

    Be inspired to record nature this autumn. Learn how you can help contribute to this biological database, which is increasingly being used to understand the impact of climate change on our wildlife.

    Watch our recent video to find out more about Nature's Calendar and tracking the signs of autumn.

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  • Expected date ranges explained: early sightings in spring 2019

    By Judith Garforth, 31/05/2019

    February this year was particularly warm, dry and sunny, and we noticed the effect of this weather on wildlife immediately as your records started to pour in and many of them were earlier than we’d usually expect. Many recorders saw a ‘This date falls outside of the expected range’ warning message as they added their records; it’s nothing to worry about – find out more.


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Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

Have you seen your first butterfly or swallow of the spring? Is it a good year for wild autumn fruits? Take part in Nature's Calendar and help scientists to monitor the effects of climate change on wildlife.

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