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  • What do blackbirds look like? And other blackbird facts

    By Martha Boalch, 29/05/2018

    The sleek and alert blackbird is a regular sight across the UK, it is an everyday occurrence and was third place in a vote for the nation’s favourite bird. It is an interesting and amusing bird to observe. What do you know about our blackbird?

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  • A peculiar spring

    By Martha Boalch, 22/05/2018
    House martins

    Many of our recorders have noticed the impact of the cold weather earlier in the year and are now welcoming the signs of spring with a sigh of relief. Here is a collection of some of their comments.

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  • April: photos of the month

    By Martha Boalch, 11/05/2018

    You also sent lots of photos, so many that we can’t show them all. But we really enjoyed looking through them so please keep adding them with your observations.

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  • How to identify common UK grasses

    By Martha Boalch, 30/04/2018
    Meadow foxtail starting to flower

    Grasses form the Poaceae family, their stems are generally hollow and cylindrical with swollen nodes. They have alternate leaves in two ranks and small inconspicuous flowers.

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  • Fieldfares and redwings: how to tell the difference.

    By Martha Boalch, 25/04/2018
    A fieldfare on snow

    Fieldfares and redwings are both members of the thrush family and look very alike. Can you tell them apart?

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Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

Join thousands of other people and let us know what's happening to wildlife near you.

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