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  • What to record in September - rowan autumn tinting

    By Judith Garforth, 31/08/2017
    Yellow leaves on rowan branch

    We've received a few records of rowan first autumn tinting already this year. Have you noticed the leaves changing colour in your area? Download our rowan desktop wallpaper.

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  • What to record in August - fly agaric toadstools

    By Judith Garforth, 31/07/2017
    fly agaric toadstools

    Keep an eye out for fly agaric toadstools on woodland walks during August. Download our fly agaric August calendar. 

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  • What to record in July - bramble first ripe fruit

    By Judith Garforth, 25/07/2017
    Ripe bramble fruit

    Have you spotted any ripe blackberries yet this year? July is the month to start looking.

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