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  • Volunteer Spotlight: Anna

    By Alex Marshall, 03/06/2024

    Nature’s Calendar is a citizen science project. Anyone can volunteer to become a citizen scientist, and every single Nature’s Calendar volunteer adds vital information to the database. Here we shine a spotlight on some of our most dedicated volunteers...

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  • Pheno-time dictionary: Call for phenology recorders to share notes on their experiences

    By Keili Koppel, 14/05/2024

    If you have been recording phenology, you have probably come across or noticed things that do not perhaps always fit into the recording sheets. Pheno-time dictionary invites you to share your thoughts, noticings, stories, concerns on phenological changes on a collaborative board, to open discussion on what can be experienced through first-hand interactions with phenology.

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  • British Science Week - take part in Nature's Calendar

    By Judith Garforth and Alex Marshall, 04/01/2024

    We’re partnering with British Science Week to get the UK looking out for signs of spring. Explore the outdoors and be part of a 300-year-old citizen science project!

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  • Is Climate Change Altering Autumn? Free webinar

    By Judith Garforth, 01/09/2023
    Yellow leaves on rowan branch

    Missed the Nature's Calendar autumn webinar? A recording is now available to watch, watch again or share.

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  • UK Trees: causes of yellowing leaves and early autumn tinting

    By Alex Marshall, 18/08/2023
    A close up of an Oak tree branch with 2 golden coloured leaves with brown edges.

    Have you spotted yellowing tree leaves during the summer? Here are a few examples of what could be causing it

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