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  • Nature's Calendar Spring Webinar

    By Judith Garforth, 11/05/2023
    Bluebells and dog's mercury on a woodland floor.

    Missed the Nature's Calendar webinar? A recording is now available to watch, watch again or share.

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  • Engaging recorders through creative design: Researcher guest blog

    By Fritha West and Keili Koppel, 10/03/2023

    Rising global temperatures are changing the activities of plants and animals, sometimes in unexpected ways. But how does observing these changes impact people, and how can we engage more people in observing the natural world?  

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  • Spring signs already on the way

    By Kate Lewthwaite, 02/02/2023

    How has 2023 started for wildlife? We look at some of the early records Nature's Calendar has recently received. 

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  • Mild autumn muddles UK wildlife

    By Kate Warriner, 08/12/2022

    Have you seen any odd behaviours in wildlife this autumn? We look back at the effects of a mild autumn on the nation’s wildlife.

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  • Is 2022 a mast year?

    By Fritha West, 26/10/2022
    Acorn from an oak tree on the ground

    Have you noticed a bumper crop of acorns this year? You’re not alone – it seems that across the UK, oak trees are producing acorns in mast year like numbers. But does that mean it is a mast year?

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