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  • Why do leaves change colour in the autumn?

    By Judith Garforth, 12/10/2021
    Sycamore leaves turning from green to yellow

    We've been enjoying some beautiful bright sunny days so far in October, but have you noticed the first signs of autumn yet? Why do leaves change colour at this time of year? Find out why and be inspired to record autumn events with Nature's Calendar over the next few months. 

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  • GUEST BLOG by Joe Shute, author of Forecast: A Diary of the Lost Seasons

    By Joe Shute, 08/09/2021

             'The most important book I have read in a very long time'

                                         Michael Morpurgo  

    Yorkshire based author and journalist, Joe Shute, writes a guest blog based on his new book, Forecast: A Diary of the Lost Seasons. Joe used Nature's Calendar records in his research for the book, which explores how we're seeing everyday natural events, like flowers blooming and frogs spawning, being effected by changing weather patterns. 


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  • What happens in autumn?

    By Lorienne Whittle, 17/08/2021
    Brown leaves on oak tree in autumn

    Autumn is the forgotten season in phenology, with fewer records of seasonal changes compared to spring. As a result we know less about the impact of weather and climate change on the timing of autumn.

    Find out more about recording natural events this autumn and help us fill these knowledge gaps.


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  • Newly discovered first flowering records fill historical gap

    By Georgia Dixson, 05/07/2021
    Two snowdrops not yet fully flowered

    For her undergraduate dissertation project at the University of Liverpool, Georgia Dixson transcribed and analysed a precious historical dataset gifted to the university for comparison with Nature's Calendar records. 

    Find out more about Georgia's research on the first flowering dates of spring flowers and the relationship species such as snowdrops and bluebells show with temperature. 



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  • How will this year's cold spring impact wildlife during autumn?

    By Judith Garforth, 24/06/2021

    After two years of noticeably warm, early springs, 2021 has been rather a contrast. With the weather whiplash of going from an incredibly dry April to the deluges of May, it's been a tricky time for wildlife. 

    What will the impact be on plants and animals this autumn? Read more and find out how you can help us to track Nature's Calendar through the next season. 

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